Hello fellow Yogi,

I am Maike. Born and raised in Namibia, currently living in Germany and traveling through Europe with my amazing husband, wonderful son, and fluffy dogs. I quickly want to tell you a bit about myself and what ‘Stories of a Yoga mat’ is all about.

Things about me:

I am a wife, a mom, a daughter, and a sister 

I am a Physiotherapist, Yoga Teacher, and Fitness Trainer

I am also a Yoga student and adventure seeker.

I love to move. Wherever. On a slackline, hiking with the dogs, doing Yoga and fitness, or just dancing in the living room, my soul is constantly craving to move. This is also one of the reasons we like to travel a lot.


  • 1992: Born in the beautiful Namibia.
  • 2010: Finished High School in Namibia.
  • 2012: Moved to Germany to start my Physiotherapy study.
  • 2015: Married my best friend and Soulmate, David Woutersen.
  • 2015: Got my degree as a Physiotherapist.
  • 2017: Started my own Yoga Journey.
  • 2019: Got my 200h Medical Yoga Teacher degree.
  • 2020: Got my degree as a Fitness Trainer and Nutritionist.
  • 2021: Gave birth to my wonderful son, Elio.

Stories of a Yoga Mat

‘’My Yoga Mat is a magic carpet. When I am on it, it takes me to places within me, I never knew existed’’

When I first started doing Yoga, I was not really aware that I was doing Yoga. I loved doing Inversions and Hand Balances and back then I thought Yoga was more … relaxing. I thought Yoga was kind of … dare I say it … boring. And then life taught me better.

At one point in my life, I tried to ignore the thoughts in my head, tried to flee the stress of daily life and I got that in constantly exercising. Exercising at such a level that it was not healthy anymore.

Long story short, I joined one Ashtanga class, and the door to Yoga opened. It was not just a powerful exercise, but also, mainly the silencing of the mind, in a healthy way, that amazed me. How calm I felt after that class. It was just wonderful. It taught me two things, that Yoga is definitely not just a relaxing ‘sport’, it can be quite a powerful exercise.

However, it also taught me that I do need that relaxing part of Yoga as well. The part of silencing the mind. The part that lets in new refreshing energy. That helps you to see things more clearly.

My Yoga Journey started off with the goal of improving Flexibility, Strength, Balance, etc, but over time I saw that Yoga is not just a form of exercising. It is a lifestyle. It teaches you to be more aware of everything you are doing.

I really do hope that I will one day get closer to becoming the person that my Yoga Mat thinks I am.

I started this blog as a guide for new Yogis. It is intended to provide you with information you seek for all things Yoga and Fitness.

If you do have any questions or queries please contact me. I would like to get to know you and your Yoga journey.


‘’My mat is my canvas and yoga is my art!’’ 

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