Benefits Of Crow Pose

There is something about Crow Pose, even though it might be challenging at first, but once you manage this pose the door to inversions opens. 

It is such an uplifting pose with lots of benefits. 

In this article, you can learn all about the many benefits of crow pose.

Yogi doing Crow Pose, Kakasana

What is Crow Pose 

Crow Pose or Kakasana is an inversion, where you balance your knees on your bent elbows.

That is the fundamental difference from that of crane pose, bakasana, where you balance your knees in your armpits and your arms are straight.

Physical Benefits Of Crow Pose

  1. Tones the abdominals: Even though crow pose is an arm balance, you do not need to have the strongest arm muscles for this pose. The most strength you need is in your abs, which help to lift you up.
  2. Strengthens the arm muscles: By pressing your hands into your mat and bending your elbows to place your knees on, you are engaging your arms and shoulders a lot, this again helps to build muscle. So even though you do not have to have the strongest arm muscles for this pose, you will definitely tone them.
  3. Strengthens the core: The deep core muscles are essential for our stability and balance. Thus all arm balances are great to strengthen your core.
  4. Strengthens the upper back: by pressing into the mat to lift your body weight up and by engaging your shoulder blades and trapezius muscles you really work your upper back in crow pose.
  5. Strengthens the wrists: all arm balances rely significantly on your wrists; after all that is where you balance on. It is very important to always mobilize, and warm up your wrists before practicing arm balances, and to stretch your wrists (or forearms) after your arm balance practice, to avoid injury.
  6. Stretches the back muscles: By engaging your abs, you are rounding your back. this again gives your back muscles a nice stretch.
  7. Reduces heartburn: By massaging our abdominals, crow pose aids in digestion and can remove trapped gas in your tummy.

Mental Benefits Of Crow Pose

  1. Improves Concentration: It takes a lot of concentration to hold a posture, where you need to balance on your hands and with an additional fear of toppling over onto your face.
  2. Improves Focus: By concentrating on the pose you learn to increase your focus.
  3. Improves Courage: Whenever you overcome your fears, your courage starts to increase.
  4. Increases self-confidence: By gaining more strength, courage and increasing your happiness, you automatically gain more self-confidence.

Spiritual Benefits Of Crow Pose

  • Strengthens the sacral chakra: By engaging the sacral chakra, crow pose helps us to get in touch with our creativity.
  • It connects us with our feelings: One of the best benefits that crow pose helps us to achieve is to overcome our fears and grow confident. It is quite normal to be scared of things, especially of things where we might end up falling onto our face, however, when we notice that we are capable of doing the thing we were afraid of, we gain confidence and strength.

Final Thoughts

Crow Pose was the first inversion I ever tried, and I still know how thrilled I was when I mastered it.

Today I still love doing crow pose and playing around with it, like doing crow push-ups, or letting them flow into my vinyasas. 

Whenever I practiced my crow pose, I leave my yoga mat feeling confident, happy, and strong. I am ready to tackle the day ahead.

I hope the amazing benefits of crow pose could convince you to get on your mat and start to lift off into this amazing pose.

And Remember:

“Your Wings already exist. All you have to do is fly.”